How To Add Products

Zeelion is providing a service where you can sell your products.

How it works

First, you have to register. Click here to Register and Subscribe for selling on

After a successful subscription, you are able to submit your request to become a seller. Your application will be approved automatically and then you can Add your products on Sell on Zeelions.

Click on ‘Seller Panel‘.

After clicking on the Seller Panel button, you will be redirected to your Seller Dashboard where you can add/check your products, order history, perform store settings, see ratings and add/edit coupons.

Click on Add New Product to start adding your Products.

On this page, Provide necessary information like Product name, description, Sku, Prices, Select Categories, and Upload featured images add your New Product.

Click on ‘ADD Product‘ at the bottom of the page to Submit your Product for Approval.

VOILA !! You’ve successfully added a new product to your Store on Zeelion.